Under the Midnight Sun

In my previous post, I mentioned that I finished a new novella in December. I’ve been spending the beginning of 2018 on revisions, and I’m delighted to announce that it has been accepted for publication! Under the Midnight Sun will be published by Less Than Three Press, release date TBA:

The eldest son of Thunderhill’s warrior-kings, Otto Johanson lives for battle but has given up on love since the death of his partner three years ago. When the Midsummer festivities bring nomadic reindeer herders back to town, Otto notices the handsome yet sullen nomad warrior Lukas. Tension rises between them during the annual tournament, but when a terrible attack devastates Thunderhill, Otto and Lukas must put aside their burgeoning rivalry to embark on a dangerous quest that may be the town’s only hope of continued survival.

Under the Midnight Sun is a fantasy romance novella. If you enjoy warrior-princes, legendary monsters, or rivals-to-lovers, stay tuned for the release date!

The Year Ahead: 2018

Happy New Year! 2017 was a rough ride, but I’m looking forward to a happier, healthier, and more productive 2018. While I didn’t have many new publications in 2017, I’m pleased to let you know I have a few things in the works.

At the end of 2017, I finished drafting a second Fate supplement for the Fate Patreon Adventures and Worlds series. I co-wrote Grimoire with a close friend and fellow rpg enthusiast, and look forward to its release later this year:

Daemon summoning is banned in Ganseldom by religious and civil authorities alike, but that’s never stopped ambitious nobles and warlocks. As supernatural beings outside the constraints of human morality, daemons are invaluable minions when there are battles to win, secrets to steal, and coups to enact. With the recent invention of the printing press and increased literacy rates, grimoires containing the rites for daemon summoning are more common than ever. Now you too can join the ranks of warlocks, discretely selling your services to those rich – or foolhardy – enough to contract daemon summoners. But beware, as daemons’ capricious cleverness may lead their masters to downfall rather than glory.

I don’t have anything else in line for publication currently, but I hope to change that later in the year. I’ve begun revisions on a romance novella I drafted in December, and I’m also polishing two horror short stories.

In my personal life, I moved over the summer. It was a lengthy and stressful process, but the new apartment has been wonderful. We’re a little more out of the city than we were before, but the suburb where we live is lovely and has a good library.

Best wishes to you all as we enter this new year!

February and March Articles

Hi again folks! Offline life has been a bit overwhelming lately, but I’m happy to say I’ve been keeping up with regular contributions to xojane. I appreciate the community there and I’ve gotten to discuss a variety of issues and experiences in my recent articles.

In case you missed any of my recent pieces, here they are:

Recent Article Round-up

In the last several weeks, my focus has shifted from writing fiction to writing nonfiction. I still plan on writing some speculative romance stories this year, but when xojane gave me the opportunity to write for them more often, I couldn’t say no! This month I also wrote my first article for Elite Daily, which gives me an opportunity to write specifically for a LGBTQ+ audience with their Queer Culture section.

Without further ado, here are my recent articles:

“I’m Sorry, I’m the Worst”: What to Do When Your Partner (or You!) Gets on the Self-Deprecation Train – xojane. Jan 2016.

Three Things I Wish I’d Done Differently Coming Out as Transgender at Work – Elite Daily. Jan 2016.

In Defense of Labels: Why Self-Identification Matters – xojane. Jan 2016.

How to be a Good Ally to Nonbinary People – xojane. Jan 2016.

Why I Find Comfort in Reading Fictional Tragedy and Horror – xojane. Jan 2016.

In an Alternate Reality, I’m a Straight Girl – xojane. Dec 2015.

2015 Accomplishments

2015 was my first year writing professionally, outside of a few assignments at office jobs. While I didn’t meet all of my (admittedly lofty) personal goals, I far exceeded others, and I’m happy to say as I enter 2016 that overall, 2015 was hugely successful for me.

In this first year, I saw the release of my first novelette, two poems, and half a dozen articles on xojane. I also had two other romance stories, an rpg setting, and another poem all accepted for publication. I finished National Novel Writing Month for the second time ever, and the first time ever with something that will, after some revising, be worth submitting for publication.

This was all on top of some key accomplishments in my personal life, including getting both of the gender-confirming surgeries I needed and settling into a new office job.

Sometimes I get down on myself and feel like I’m never creating enough, never writing enough, never getting enough published. At the start of a new year, however, I’m taking a step back to look at my accomplishments. I wrote a lot, and I’m proud of it.

I still have a long way to go. I want to continue to improve both the quality and quantity of my writing, and really start treating it as a career, not just a hobby. I’m still refining my style and figuring out what I’m most passionate about writing – and what I’m most skilled at writing.

In 2016, I’m going to continue to write a combination of fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. I will be revising and submitting both my NaNoWriMo project and a lesbian superhero novella that I’ve been working on. While my fiction writing will remain centered on queer romance, I may dabble with some shorter pieces in other genres I enjoy, especially horror.

I want to thank everyone who has supported me, both personally and professionally. This includes (but certainly isn’t limited to): Lesley at xojane; Mike and Sean at Evil Hat; the team at Less Than Three Press; and my friends and my partner, Q. Thank you too to everyone who has bought, read, reviewed, or commented on my work; I couldn’t do this without you!

Finally, none of this would have been possible without my best friend, platonic life partner, and taking-no-excuses editor, Jack. He has been supportive of me for years, and has tirelessly reviewed and revised nearly every piece I’ve submitted for publication. My work wouldn’t be the same without his input, and I can’t thank him enough.

I look forward to bringing you more of my work this year! Stay tuned!

More on xojane: Polyamory

I’m pleased to say that I will be writing more for xojane in the coming months. I’ve had a great experience writing for the site so far, and I look forward to doing so much more in 2016.

This week, my article is on Three Ways Polyamory Has Helped Me Have Healthier Relationships. For me, polyamory has been an excellent learning experience. It helped me re-evaluate my relationship ideals and recognize the importance of communication, boundaries, and compromise. These skills will serve me well in the future, regardless of if I’m in a monogamous or a polyamorous relationship.

Getting on Testosterone Changed My Life for the Better

This week on xojane, I talked about my experience with getting on testosterone. After previous articles on my surgeries, pronouns, and crying, I realized the next logical topic was my hormones. While not all nonbinary people choose to get on hormones, for me it was a vital part of my transition. Not everything about them is great (I didn’t know I could grow hair so many places!) but overall testosterone has made me a happier, healthier, and stronger person.