Introducing the Sacred Solar System

In November 2017, I participated in National Novel Writing Month. I had a nebulous idea for a story about four young adults living on a colossal space station encircling Jupiter’s moon Callisto when they discover a secret portal to Pluto.

I didn’t get even halfway through a first draft. Writing novels is hard, and I simply wasn’t prepared to write the epic book I had envisioned. But I came out of the experience with something just as valuable: a rich, compelling setting.

In the Sacred Solar System, humanity left Earth seven thousand years ago to colonize other worlds. Now, people live everywhere from mobile titancities on Mercury to a terraformed Ganymede to the Fisheye space station orbiting Neptune. The planets, moons, and Sun are worshiped as divine Celestials, and the incredible technology of the Miracles enable standardized gravity, Gates linking worlds, and much more. But while the Miracles appear stable, the knowledge of exactly how they function was lost a millennium ago.

Since the inception of this setting, most of my new work has been set somewhere within the Sacred Solar System. As a reader, I adore rich, multi-faceted settings that explore multiple worlds and sub-genres within the same universe, and that’s the type of setting I’m striving to create here.

My first two Sacred Solar System pieces were released in 2019. Other, Like the Sun to the Planets, published in Vulture Bones, Issue 6, is set on Mars and follows Robin’s return home after embracing xyr unconventional gender identity. In The Distant Earth, included in Exoplanet, Issue 4, Wendo struggles with zir lifelong desire to set foot on Earth despite the planet’s ban on visitors.

I’m pleased to announce that this summer, my first Sacred Solar System poems have been released. Three poems – Venus Burns, The Gravity, and The Return of Sacred Smog – are included in Coffin Bell Issue 3.3. Meanwhile, my poem High Season about a sapphic racecar driver on Mars (and a preview into the novel I’m currently drafting) is part of GlitterShip’s Spring 2020 issue.

A full list of my Sacred Solar System work is available here. You may note there’s one story listed that’s not yet live, as my story Luridia Beach will be coming out in Prismatica in August. I look forward to sharing even more with you in the coming years!