Sacred Solar System

Humanity left Earth seven thousand years ago to colonize other worlds. Now, people live across the Sacred Solar System, from mobile titancities on Mercury, to a terraformed Ganymede, to the Fisheye space station orbiting Neptune. The planets, moons, and Sun are worshiped as divine Celestials, and the incredible technology of the Miracles enable standardized gravity, Gates linking worlds, and much more. But while the Miracles appear stable, the knowledge of exactly how they function was lost a millennium ago.

Short Stories

Other, Like the Sun to the Planets
Setting: Mars
First published in Vulture Bones, Issue 6 (Aug 2019)
Of all the things that Robin had expected to miss when xe left home, xe hadn’t thought about how much xe would miss the sun. Mistgate was lively, diverse, and modern, but the megastructure over the surrounding region left Sol feeling cold and distant.

The Distant Earth
Setting: Luna
First published in Exoplanet, Issue 4 (Dec 2019)

Earth hangs low in the sky over the bubble habitats, a solitary hemisphere of incomparable blue. White wisps of cloud drift across it, but Wendo will never see them from the ground, only here from zir vantage point hundreds of thousands of kilometers away.

Luridia Beach
Setting: Ganymede
First published in Prismatica, Issue 11 (Aug 2020)
It’s always cold on the gray sand shore of Luridia Beach. I love it anyway.

Setting: Mars
First published in All Worlds Wayfarer (Sep 2020)
Eddy wished the Glassguild Network talent office would hurry up and tell him if he’d gotten a better job. 


High Season
Setting: Mars
First published in GlitterShip, Spring 2020
These sacred days are festival
and farce beneath the amber

The Gravity
Setting: Saturn
First published in Coffin Bell, Issue 3.3 (Jul 2020)
Saturn is watching me, you told me in your
final days

The Return of Sacred Smog
Setting: Saturn
First published in Coffin Bell, Issue 3.3 (Jul 2020)
Suspended among the stars we are timeless—
until the spell breaks

Venus Burns
Setting: Venus
First published in Coffin Bell, Issue 3.3 (Jul 2020)
Sol’s love is divine! Today that love manifests as
cataclysmic solar flares