Recent Article Round-up

In the last several weeks, my focus has shifted from writing fiction to writing nonfiction. I still plan on writing some speculative romance stories this year, but when xojane gave me the opportunity to write for them more often, I couldn’t say no! This month I also wrote my first article for Elite Daily, which gives me an opportunity to write specifically for a LGBTQ+ audience with their Queer Culture section.

Without further ado, here are my recent articles:

“I’m Sorry, I’m the Worst”: What to Do When Your Partner (or You!) Gets on the Self-Deprecation Train – xojane. Jan 2016.

Three Things I Wish I’d Done Differently Coming Out as Transgender at Work – Elite Daily. Jan 2016.

In Defense of Labels: Why Self-Identification Matters – xojane. Jan 2016.

How to be a Good Ally to Nonbinary People – xojane. Jan 2016.

Why I Find Comfort in Reading Fictional Tragedy and Horror – xojane. Jan 2016.

In an Alternate Reality, I’m a Straight Girl – xojane. Dec 2015.