Pronouns, Pronouns, Pronouns

I’m a fan of neopronouns. Neopronouns are singular pronouns designed to fill the gaps beyond “he” and “she.” While singular “they” is catching on, many resourceful nonbinary and gender-nonconforming people have designed new pronouns (neopronouns!) to refer to someone who is neither male nor female.

I myself use “ze/zir/zir” as my preferred pronoun, though I’ll also accept “they/them/their.” Two of the novellettes I’ve written (one of which is available for preorder now) have characters who use neopronouns. In my personal life, many of my friends use neopronouns and they have caught on easily in my social group.

Since neopronouns are important to me as a nonbinary person but still a concept not everyone’s familiar or comfortable with, I wrote an article for xojane: Unpopular Opinion: We Need More Pronouns. While it’s not an unpopular opinion amongst queer circles, I’m hoping that with more visibility we can make people more comfortable and accepting of new pronouns that validate, rather than erase, nonbinary people.