Published Works


Rule of Three Creation Debt Goblet's Edge Trial by Fire

Goblet’s Edge – Bisexual polyamorous fantasy romance (M/M/F)

Creation Debt – Queer sci-fi romance novelette (M/GQ)

Rule of Three – Queer urban fantasy romance (M/M/GQ)

Trial by Fire – Lesbian & transgender superhero novella (F/F)


Butterfly Mythic Delirium. Oct 2016.

How to be something not real – Liminality. Dec 2015.

To My Creators – Strange Horizons. Jun 2015.

Roleplaying Games

Deep Dark Blue: Adventure in the Benthic Frontier – Fate World & Adventure, published by Evil Hat. 2016.

Nonfiction Articles

The Double-Edged Sword of Being Both Androgynous and Nonbinary – xojane. Apr 2016.

5 Important Things to Consider Before Attending or Hosting a Sex Party – xojane. Mar 2016.

My Best Friend is Dating My Partner, and This Arrangement Feels Totally Natural to Me – xojane. Mar 2016.

I’m Nonbinary and I’m So Frustrated When Masculinity is Considered the Default – xojane. Mar 2016.

So You’re Having an STI Scare – Here’s What to Do Next – xojane. Mar 2016.

4 Things to Keep in Mind When Dating Someone with Mental Illness – xojane. Feb 2016.

Why It’s So Important to Respect Transgender People’s Chosen Names – xojane. Feb 2016.

Having Mental Illness Itself Doesn’t Bother Me; What Bothers Me is That I’ll Probably Have It Forever – xojane. Feb 2016.

“I’m Sorry, I’m the Worst”: What to Do When Your Partner (or You!) Gets on the Self-Deprecation Train – xojane. Jan 2016.

Three Things I Wish I’d Done Differently Coming Out as Transgender at Work – Elite Daily. Jan 2016.

In Defense of Labels: Why Self-Identification Matters – xojane. Jan 2016.

How to be a Good Ally to Nonbinary People – xojane. Jan 2016.

Why I Find Comfort in Reading Fictional Tragedy and Horror – xojane. Jan 2016.

In an Alternate Reality, I’m a Straight Girl – xojane. Dec 2015.

Three Ways Polyamory Has Helped Me Have Healthier Relationships – xojane. Dec 2015.

Getting on Testosterone Changed My Life for the Better – xojane. Dec 2015.

In Defense of Crying – xojane. Nov 2015.

Unpopular Opinion: We Need More Pronouns – xojane. Sep 2015.

It Happened To Me: I Was Sterilized And Had My Breasts Removed, And I Couldn’t Be Happier – xojane. Aug 2015.